Terms and conditions

All prices quoted are correct to the best of our knowledge at this time, some prices may vary from time to time but we will always do our best to keep the website up to date.

The price quoted is for the journey described in the original request, however on some occasions extra cost may be added for example extra drop offs or excessive waiting time during the journey, the prices quoted are for a journey from point A to point B , waiting time after the booked time of pick up (if we’re early then no waiting time will be charged before the agreed time), any deviation from our chosen route (shops, cash points etc.), extra passengers in a multi seater, cleaning charges for any soiling of the vehicle, damage to the vehicle in any way are all chargeable extra on top of the quoted price. However we do our best to accommodate our customers needs and avoid extra charges in most cases, extra charges are very rare and only added in exceptional cases.

Cleaning charges will be added to the fare when required, we have very high standards when it comes to vehicle cleanliness which is appreciated by most customers, however if any marking, staining , wetting or soiling occurs during a journey then you will have to pay extra, this is obvious to most people but then there are the exceptions who are normally the ones who cause the damage.This vehicle and driver maybe now 'off the road' until rectified. Cleaning charge price is determined by the driver on the day. We will do our best to keep this price as low as possible.

Unforeseen events such as road accidents, road works and mechanical failure unfortunately are a part of everyday life. We always try our best to complete a journey on time and avoid such events ,our reputation depends on it. However if such delays occur or the journey has to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances then Liverpool-Transfers.com or the driver will not be held responsible for any losses. If the journey has been pre paid for then a refund for the appropriate amount will be issued. It is always advisable when travelling to airports etc. to allow plenty of time to get there as motorway closures and queues are a daily occurrence ,we are always happy to advise on journey times based on an average day.

Cancellation or 'No Shows'Bookings can be cancelled at any time up to 48hrs before booking time at no charge. Cancellation after this will incur a charge of £25 or 10% (the greater). Notification of a cancellation must be made by phone. If we arrive at an agreed meeting point or location and nobody is there, this would be classed as a 'No show' and a call out fee would be charged of £25 or up to the full journey price depending upon the circumstances.

Parents please take note that a baby is counted as one passenger. They must by law have a full seat and seat belt despite being very small !(it's been said too many times). Please take this into account when booking as you may be charged a call out fee, for example if you order a four seater vehicle, we arrive and there are four adults and a baby then you will pay a call out fee and the journey will not go ahead. We are not prepared to risk the safety of children.


I can highly recommend Liverpool Transfers for thier very competitive price.

We had an email quotation within one minute of our phone call and they turned up spot on time , can't ask for more. Thanks again for your help.

23 July

Great service from Liverpool Transfers, it is a rarity today to get a company that does what they say they will do, and actually do it, for that I will be a loyal customer.

Woolton Village
5 August

Liverpool Transfers provided a very professional, helpful and friendly service.

We will certainly be using you in future!

Many thanks for your promptness and efficiency.

Rebecca C
3 August

Thanks lads for the superb service you gave me and my family. With a service like yours we'll be seeing you in the near future.

We have also recommended you to our friends.

Tina & John
3 August

Good Service from this company I'm happy to recommend the company to anyone.Thanks for all your help on the day.

Jerry S
14 August

Thank you very much for the speedy service, I will definetly use your services thanks again.

Ste Mac
11 August

Fast, efficient and high quality service. Exactly what was needed in a very short space of time. Thank you.

Mr Lewis
6 August

Very Good Service. Thanks for your help with the cases.

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and will be using them again

24 January

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